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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 5, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> it's two minutes before the top of the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a an arkansas couple on a fishing trip coming home millionaires. they bought two lottery tickets on their drive to the lake. the first ticket winning them $1 million. the second one $50,000. congratulations. next the bad: we haven't seen this since last night. we thought we lost it. >> ravens coach john harbaugh isn't kidding. the team admits someone actually lost a track of the trophy before the team's party. it was eventually found. the ugly: president obama once again misses the deadline to submit a budget plan. it's the fourth time in five years he's missed that deadline. the white house says the budget is late because it took until january 2 to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. another year, no budget.
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>> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier in the show we told you americans spend 28% of their work week on e-mail. here's what we want to know: does answering e-mails take away from your job. here are some responses. >> thank you to everyone who responded. we always appreciate that. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. i'm gretchen carlson. it's tuesday, february 5, 2013. thank you for sharing your time with us today on a big news day because that standoff in the bunker is over. that child hostage safe. this morning, how the suspect died and why the f.b.i. moved in when they did. how did they do it?
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developing details live from the scene. >>steve: the president knows best. he says gun owners agree with him. >> we know, for example, from polling that the universal background checks are universally supported just about. by gun owners. >>steve: really? is he really on the side of gun owners. critics say don't fall for it. we will explain. >>brian: wonder why you can't get a date for valentine's day? maybe you need to take off your facebook page, chris. tpobgz tpobgz starts now. -- "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. look who's back. >>steve: brian kilmeade back from the super bowl. >>brian: we are back. i've never seen that facebook picture. >>gretchen: i'm not sure why, but it reminds me of
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-- >>steve: this depicts a picture you should never have on your facebook page. it would make you look a little silly. >>brian: that's the big difference between dating today. you are never really on a blind date because you can google your so-called brian date. >>gretchen: i met my husband on a blind date. >>brian: did you google him? >>steve: there was no google. >>gretchen: he had the opportunity to watch local news to figure out what i looked like. then he went to the library. remember the dewey decimal system. i had nothing to go on for him. it really was blind. that doesn't exist anymore. >>steve: like pioneer days. >>gretchen: thank you for aging me. >>steve: when they didn't have free google. >>gretchen: i'm kidding you. >>brian: lewis and clarke. those were two courageous guys. can you imagine how crazy this country was? >>steve: we've got a new
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protocol of things you should and should not have about you on-line. we'll share that in a couple of minutes. >>gretchen: the hostage drama in alabama is over. the five-year-old boy who would been underground with his captor for a week is free and safe. the man who abducted him is dead and this morning we know how. elizabeth is in alabama with new details. elizabeth, you've been covering this. i imagine you feel relief to know this child is safe. >> we woke up with a big sigh of relief. the captor is dead. the five-year-old boy waking up with his mother this morning in time for his birthday. that hostage standoff here in midland city is finally over. >> a very special child; he's been through a lot. he's endured a lot. by the grace of god, he's okay. >> the five-year-old victim in this story has been saved by hraurplt.
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a loud boom was heard freeing him from his captor jimmy lee dykes. authorities say they felt he was in imminent danger yesterday afternoon. communication was clearly deteriorating and dykes was becoming agitated. last night we saw them sweeping the property checking for buried bombs as the investigation continues. this while the little boy was taken to a local hospital. >> he is doing fine. he's laughing, joking, playing, eating; the things that you would expect a normal five- to six-year-old young man to do. he's very brave. he's very lucky. and his success story is that he's out safe and doing great. >> f.b.i. officials on the scene at flowers hospital say he is safe and okay. they didn't release any other details about his
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condition but they did say he was with his mother. as far as a motive in this, a sherrif did touch on it briefly during a press conference yesterday. he said dykes had a message he wanted to get out and that it was a complex message but he wouldn't elaborate anymore on the nature of that. neighbors describe him as a menacing figure who would often make antigovernment threatening comments to people in the area. in fact, he was facing menacing charges a week ago wednesday. >>gretchen: the amazing thing is how the f.b.i. pulled this off. they apparently were able to put this secret camera down there so they were watching every move. at some point they knew this boy's life was in danger. they went down there. there were flashes which were loud and distracted the man for a moment. they were able to get the kid and shoot the man all in a matter of seconds. >>steve: they threw some sort of surveillance in. they don't want to reveal
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it but they saw the man was around the kid with a gun and they thought if we're going to do anything, we're going to do it now. >>brian: the president was in california talking about gun control. in the backdrop he's using law enforcement, police officers and deputies. he feels as though he wants to get law enforcement on his side if not by their words, but by their presence. he talked about, he says, speaking for gun owners and not the n.r.a. he thinks he has the gun owners' best interests in mind when he proposed universal background checks. >> we know, for example, from polling that universal background checks are universally supported just about. by gun owners. the majority of gun owners, overwhelming majority of gun owners think that's a good idea. if we've got lobbyists in washington claiming to speak for gun owners saying something different, we
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need to go to the source and reach out to people directly. >>brian: in particular, the n.r.a., what they say is universal gun background checks will never be universal because criminals are not going to go through them. the bad guys always figure a way to get their hands on guns. we saw last night on sean hannity. a guest said there is one other component to universal background checks they never mention when they do the polling. that is this. >> everything they tell you about what they can do about guns is a lie. for some reason wayne la pierre is not making the point. universal background checks means universal registration. that means universal extermination. that's how it goes in history. do not fall for universal background checks. >>gretchen: i think that's taking it a whole step way too far. there's a lot of steps in between universal background check and universal confiscation. i know many people are concerned about that. but there's a huge morass
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between one and the other. and i do feel as we continue to hear about these stories from day to day about guns, we need to be looking at this from a comprehensive point of view. if you look in the last couple of weeks alone, mental illness plays into this. we need to be having a more broad discussion about it. but we definitely need to have having the discussion. i don't think it helps to say that we're automatically going to take guns away from people in this country. i just don't think that is what the president is saying. >>steve: i think what ann cole ter is getting to is if there is a national map which shows where every gun is -- there's one in that house, that house, and one in that drawer right there -- that would be a problem because somebody could have access to that. somebody could come get your guns. not necessarily the government. but if somebody got their hands on that map, on that log, that could be a problem. a lot of people say i've got to protect myself. so i'll register the gun but you don't have to have a universal background
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check. >>brian: wayne la pierre said monday we don't want our medical records public. but if you can argue we don't want our medical records public, how do we found out if jarred loughnner will be the guy who is going to show up at a gun show. >>gretchen: maybe we should have situations where we know we can have a person take their medication. this all changed in the last couple of decades, and now we have more homeless people on the streets who suffer from mental illness as a result. if a comprehensive approach -- it's a comprehensive approach. it's not just one prong. but we obviously have a issue to discuss. >>steve: there's a lot of privacy issues where you cannot reveal somebody's medical condition to other people. >>gretchen: other stories: the former marine accused of killing former
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navy seal is under watch right now. he was taken to a psychiatric hospital in september after threatening to kill himself and his family. >> he debate -- didn't talk to nobody. he would give you a dirty look all the taoeufplt one of those people you don't want to hang out with. >>gretchen: chris lived by a professional motto: it is our duty to serve those who serve us and he died honoring this creed. we're hearing from passengers in that deadly bus crash in california. the brakes went out as the bus went down a mountain road. passengers called 911. seven people died. dozens were hurt including an 11-year-old whose mother did not survive. >> we knew we were going to wake up. she asked my mom? i have to give a reason for my sister.
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>>gretchen: records show the bus company failed more than one-third of its federal safety inspections; some cases for brake and tire problems. >> the lead singer of a 1960's rock band the trog has passed away. ♪ wild thing ♪ you make ♪ my heart sing >>gretchen: he was famous for "wild thing." last year presley announced his retirement from music after being diagnosed with lung cancer. he was 71. >>steve: valentine's day is just around the corner. if you're looking for love, we've got some advice this morning. >>brian: love advice from steve doocy? >>steve: call me cupid. they put together a list of things you should and should not have on your facebook page. it is a page which is of yourse.
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here's some things. >>brian: don't overshare. oversharing are words like i'm taking a bath. >>steve: on your status. we don't have to know what you're doing all the time. >>brian: dying off. -- drying off. >>gretchen: don't post drunken photos like that guy in the trash can. first of all, they can't see your face so they might not want to date you. just in general. e-mail us with other things you would say you shouldn't put on your facebook if you're trying to get a date. >>brian: we will come back because we have other things. straight ahead, what should pakistan do with the compound where osama bin laden was killed? here's the plan: an amusement job. good job. we salute you. >>steve: remember when the president said high gas prices are like a tax? stu varney with what's
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>> you remember when president obama said this? >> when gas prices go up, it hurts everybody. everybody who owns a car, everybody who owns a business. it means you've got to stretch a paycheck even further. and high gas prices are like a tax straight out of your paycheck. >>steve: that's right. in that case, americans are being taxed to the max. last year families spent more of their paychecks on gas than they have over the past three decades. is there any relief in sight? let's turn to stu varney. is there? >> there is not. at this moment gas is spiking. fresh numbers in this
3:18 am
morning. the average price for regular across the country is now $3.53. you're up close to 20 cents since monday of last year. that is a spike. >>steve: why is that? >> trot out the usual suspects. the refiners, the oil companies, conspiracy theories or supply and demand. i think it's because ben bernanke is printing dollars up like a storm and that is lowering the value of the u.s. dollar. that means that oil goes up. that's what happens. when you print money, dollar down, oil up, gas up. i think that's what's happening. >>brian: a lot of people use this opportunity to start ripping oil companies. yet, we hear drilling is up. >> don't look to blaming the oil companies. don't look to blaming the refiners. this is the function of the supply of money -- dollars -- coming into the world market lowering the value of the dollar and pressing oil up. it looks to me like you're going to establish a new
3:19 am
normal for gasoline. the new normal used to be $3.50. i think we're going to move up to a new normal of about $3.70, $3.75, which is terrible news for the economy. we're already contracting, already got unemployment going up. as the president said high gas prices are like a tax that affects everybody. you keep going up with gas prices and you're taking money out of the economy all over again. >>brian: that's good news for the vault. -- good news for the volt. >> you heard the latest. there is a proposal to tax how many miles you drive as opposed to how many gallons of gas you consume. because they're losing money on the gas tax. so they want to make it up on volt drivers who are driving a lot of miles but not using gas. >>steve: are they going to have people alongside the road. "okay, that's one." >> this is a big issue. this might have an electronic tkpweuz mow in
3:20 am
your -- gizmo in your car that tells the government how much you drive. >>brian: stuart varney, 9:20 on the fox business network. >> that's an old picture fortunately. >>brian: stuart, congratulations. >>steve: a five-year-old boy freed, his mad man captured, dead. dr. keith ablow on why this shouldn't have happened in shouldn't have happened in the first place. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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>>brian: the accused mastermind behind the deadly attack of the u.s.s. cole will be in court today and gitmo. experts will testify about how to carry out a mental evaluation on someone who has been, quote, tortured. the judge will order an evaluation to determine if he's competent to stand trial. former olympian champion oxaya baoul is suing nbc. she says they said she would be at a show but was not. >>gretchen: a five-year-old boy pulled from that alabama bunker alive while his captor has been confirmed dead. >>steve: officers say the boy was not hurt, but is being locked in a bunker with a stranger for nearly a week.
3:25 am
that has got to take its toll on a person. how is he going to go on the rest of his life dealing with that trauma? forensic psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow joins us. the f.b.i. had a briefing yesterday. they said this five-year-old boy ethan was reunited with his mother at a local hospital. he was, quote, laughing, playing, eating, doing normal things a five- six-year-old boy do. >> those are normal things five or six-year-old boys do but they are also things five or six-year-old boys do when they're desperately trying to maintain some sense of normality. psychiatry is about what's happening inside. the effort to try to maintain that sense of normality in and of itself can set the stage for all kinds of trouble down the road. as sad as it is, ethan isn't okay. he's a tremendous risk for
3:26 am
depression, post traumatic stress disorder, alcohol and drug abuse later in life, fractured relationships; all manner of disabilities from psychological problems. >>gretchen: dr. ablow, i'm assuming if the f.b.i. and law enforcement people had this sort of surveillance going on, had a camera so they could see inside this bunker that we would assume that nothing else nefarious was going on or they would have gone in earlier? >> i don't know how they would balance the risk to this young boy's liver u.s.s. whatever other -- young boy's life versus whatever other trauma he might have been exposed to. the trauma we know of, witness, being present at the shooting death of his bus driver, being whisked away to a life of chaos, being underground and witnessing the death of his captor; all of these things unexplained can shatter
3:27 am
anything being predictable in life. >>steve: the fellow who took the kid hostage, jimmy lee dykes, a decorated vietnam war vet -- that is his picture right there -- he was strongly and vocally antigovernment. he threatened to kill anybody who came on his property. he would patrol his property at night with a flashlight looking for people. are those red flags that somebody should have connected some dots and said that guy's got some problems? >> gee, you think? there will be people who will say this is an argument for more gun control. those people are reprehensible. the bottom line is this guy had a hearing for menacing coming up. you mean to say the court couldn't have connected the dots between that and the fact that his neighbors said that he had threatened kids' lives and he had beaten a dog to death with a pipe and said we're holding you in the psychiatric unit for an evaluation? >>gretchen: dr. ablow, why don't they do that? we were having a discussion
3:28 am
earlier in the show about how this is a comprehensive complicated problem, the gun violence we're seeing in our nation, combined with mental illness, and the inability to do what you're discussing right now, to try to help people who suffer from mental illness. >> why don't they do it? because doing the right thing takes work and it takes not pontificating and trying to make political points by saying we're going to take everybody's guns. the bottom line is we deconstructed our mental health system beginning in the 1970's. there is very little if any connection between the judicial system and the mental health care system. and obvious people who need help aren't given that help when we could deliver it because we have the expertise but we're not willing to allocate resources partly out of stigma and partly out of the fact that people would rather try to pander to certain voting blocs by saying it's all about guns. which it isn't. >>steve: dr. keith ablow today joining us from
3:29 am
boston, thank you very much. >>gretchen: u.b.l.'s compound was demolished so it wouldn't become a shrine. but now there is word pakistan wants to build a fun park in its place? >>steve: budweiser named this clydesdale doing the photo. photo. the winning name revealed. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less.
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>>brian: it must be big if it's got special animation. today is national pancake day. as you can see right here on the set, we've got a couple of stacks of ihop signature delicious butter milk pancakes. if you go to any ihop in the united states -- and they have got 1,585 of them -- today between 7:00, about 30 minutes from now, and 10 p.m., they will give you a free stack of pancakes. they suggest you make a donation to the children's miracle network, which
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would help them out. so let's say you spend five bucks on that, give them a $5 donation and call it even. >>gretchen: one of my favorite things about eating all those pancakes at ihop is trying to figure outs what the flavor is of all the syrups that come with them. >>steve: we've got blueberry, butter pecan and strawberry. >>gretchen: i thought maybe the brown one was chocolate. >>brian: old-fashioned. >>gretchen: that's regular. fantastic. go to ihop and get your free pancakes. >>brian: number one, they had the courage to use an ice cream scooper on butter. number two, there is never an ihop that's not crowded. why is that? >>gretchen: because it's so good. >>steve: i used to love to go to ihop for social studies, just to go in there. and my dad would quiz us. which one's that?
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bulgaria, dad? check out national pancake day. and our thanks to our friends from ihop for dropping by. >>brian: who brought their menu. >>gretchen: let's bring you headlines. pakistan planning to build an amusement park in the city where u.s. forces killed osama bin laden. construction will cost nearly $30 million and take about eight years. work set to begin next month. officials say it's all to boost tourism. >>brian: a shocking report revealing massive welfare waste in massachusetts. a report found nearly $30 million in food stamp money went to people who were not eligible. families who got benefits could not be accounted for. >>steve: she definitely wanted to see her dad, so
3:36 am
she stole her mom's bmw while her mom was asleep. the problem? she was only six years old. the little girl made it about a mile before the neighbors spotted her behind the wheel of mom's car. >> she was coming toward me, and i'm like what is she doing? i couldn't tell it was a young girl at the time. so i kind of stepped behind the tree. she hit the curb here. then she took off. and i was looking at her. that's when i saw that she was a child. i was like stop! stop! >>steve: she didn't stop. she continued up the street hitting a couple of parked car. eventually the six-year-old lost control and backed into a pole. she is in trouble with her family today, but she's fine. >>gretchen: the ravens weren't the oerpbl *f -- only winners on super bowl sunday. a furniture store chain offered a deal either the game opening or second half
3:37 am
kickoff for a touchdown which as you recall they did. i think they set a record, 108 yards. >> when he got through that tackle, i got off the sofa and started jumping up and down and my brother-in-law was looking at me like you're that excited? i said yeah because i saved 2 thousand bucks. >>gretchen: the catch was you had to have shopped at the store from thursday through sunday. the owner said you can smile because the insurance covers him for the give-away. everyone wins except for the 49ers. >>steve: brian tells us what the ravens were up to yesterday. >>brian: in a few hours baltimore will honor the ravens with a big parade for their super bowl championship, the first one since 2000. the team returning home from new orleans, fans camping out with a chance to see them. >> i'm so excited for them. i was jumping all over the place, couldn't stop
3:38 am
moving. >>brian: the parade will wrap up with a free party. more criticism for the nfl for picking met life stadium in new jersey for next year's super bowl. sorry, steve. here's what football legend joe namath, who would think would be happy about it, when i asked him. >> the players will handle it and the fans will handle it. they'll be out there, yes. let's just hope it's a mild day because what i know about the foul weather, it diminishes the expertise of the players, holding on to the ball, throwing the ball, kicking the ball. it takes away from their expertise a bit. >>brian: he's concerned for the fans because five hours will be sitting in the stadium. peyton manning considered an early favorite. super bowl officials knew there was a chance power could go out during the super bowl. we have a memo that reveals tests showed electrical feeders were decayed and there were concerns about power failure. meanwhile the nfl said it is a backup generator ready
3:39 am
the entire time and were about to turn it on when the power came back. don't blame beyonce for the blackout. her half time show operated on its own power grid. it had water. it had smoke. it had flames. but it did not take down the power grid. >>gretchen: thank you for clarifying that because she was getting blamed immediately on the twitter verse. >>brian: i would love to see who you think is going to play half time in new jersey. they're saying maybe bon jovi. >>gretchen: we'll have to see. out of the millions of dollars spent on super bowl ads, this one stole the spotlight. ♪ goodbye love ♪ climb the mountain ♪ and turned around >>gretchen: budweiser asked fans to name that baby clydesdale. what name did they pick? joining us now to announce
3:40 am
the name is anheuser-busch's general manager of clydesdale operations. good morning to you, jeff. >> hello. how are you? >>gretchen: fantastic. thank you so much. what a beautiful live shot and beautiful horse behind you. i understand you wanted the fans to have the opportunity to name that beautiful horse we saw in the commercial. how many entries did you have? and which name did you pick? >> we had a great turnout. we had over 50,000 suggestions. it took us quite awhile to get it narrowed down but we ended up narrowing it down to hope is what we named the baby. >>gretchen: that's fantastic. i love that name. it's very optimistic. that was the message of the ad as well. bring us through what the story line was of this ad that we saw sunday night. >> well, the story line was about a trainer and his bond with the clydesdale that he raised at birth and brought up and made it on
3:41 am
the budweiser clydesdale team. it's really about the operations that we have here in missouri. that's what our team does everybody, is raises baby clydesdales to turn them into budweiser clydesdales. we thought it was a touching and moving spot that showed the quality and care that we put into the horses every day. >>gretchen: you must have that kind of relationship because you are in charge of raising these beautiful creatures from start to finish, so to speak. by the way, hope is laying down behind you there. who is the other beautiful horse you're with? >> this is hope's mother darla. she is very friendly. she likes the camera. >>gretchen: i can tell. just for the moment, right when you said that, she walked away. tell me about the relationship and the job that you have for raising these clydesdales. >> i have an awesome job. i'm pretty lucky. basically i'm the general manager of clydesdale operations, and we have 170
3:42 am
clydesdales around the united states. we have a breeding facility in boons dale, missouri where we raise future clydesdales. we have a prep school where we teach the clydesdales the basics about haircuts and baths. then we have a training facility where we teach the older clydesdale how to pull the wagon. we have a driving school where we teach our handlers and drivers how to drive the horses. we have traveling teams around the country as well. it's a pretty big operation and it's really enjoyable to work with. >>gretchen: you're in charge of it all. jeff napper. thank you for introducing us to hope, officially this morning and to mom darla as well. have a fantastic rest of the week. thank you. >> thank you. >>steve: those are some big horses. it is 19 minutes before the top of the hour on this tuesday. it's kind of a crazy-weather day here in
3:43 am
new york city. maria, i'm sure as we were all coming into work today, it was snowing already and we wonder if it's going to continue. >> we're going to see snow showers throughout the morning hours here in new york city but not expecting any accumulations. that's good news. watch out for slippery spots on the roadways and other areas like baltimore could also see a couple of flurries or maybe a rain shower out there. a big parade today for baltimore for the ravens that won the super bowl and thankfully again relatively quiet weather. temperatures hovering in the low 40's. 44 by 2 p.m. the reason we're seeing snow showers across the northeast is we have a quick moving area of low pressure, not a lot of moisture with it. that is the reason we're not expecting significant snowfall from it across places in the northeast. but we're seeing snow showers across long island and portions of connecticut. westbound, another quick moving area of low pressure across wisconsin, parts of illinois producing similar conditions, maybe one to three inches of snow out there. southbound, areas of rain across the florida
3:44 am
panhandle. otherwise temperatures not too far away from where they should be this time of the year. in the northeast, midwest and even in portions of the south. >>steve: thank you very much, maria. straight ahead, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed cash out there right now. so is it yours? i just went on the website and i just found some money somebody owes me when i lived in virginia. it's true. we'll tell you how to find out if they owe you money. >>gretchen: the chicago police department stopped taking 911 calls for non-life threatening emergencies. now the city begging for help from homeland security. can that really happen? judge napolitano on that judge napolitano on that case.
3:45 am
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3:48 am
>>gretchen: 46 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. what is the safest seat in the car? it's the seat no one wants to sit in. the middle seat in the back. researchers say it's 25% safer than the two window seats because it is away from sigh impacts. it is also the safest place for a baby car seat. apple will start selling a 128 giga byte version, starting at 799 smackaroos. >>brian: murders skyrocketed in chicago to 506 in 2012 and 2013 shaping us to be worse. in january, 42 separate murders. now jesse jackson who lives there begging for the federal government to help. >> we must stop these
3:49 am
murders, killing of our very young. killed already, numbers bigger than iraq and afghanistan. we need help, more than we have to date. we need federal intervention. >>brian: to make matters worse the chicago police department says it no longer is resourced to take every 911 call. joining us now is senior judge analyst judge napolitano. judge, do you blame them? >> the police always prioritize just like an emergency room in a hospital prioritizes. you save life first and property second. but when they announce to the city of chicago and to the world we're not going to deal with property crimes, don't expect us to respond to 911, that sends a message to the bad guys that everybody is fair game if it's just a property crime. >>brian: homeland security, there is a call from jesse jackson to get
3:50 am
homeland security involved in chicago. it's a panic situation. >> that's not the job of the federal government. it's the job of the city of chicago to maintain health and safety in the streets. >>brian: they can't afford it. >> then they have to prioritize how they're going to spend their money. if we get to the point where the federal government is going to send federal police into the united states cities, a, we'd have to amend the constitution to do it. b, that would fundamentally alter the relationship between the federal government and individuals. and the federal government and the states. there is simply no authority under the constitution for the feds to do that. i'm not talking about reconstruction after the civil war or the weeks immediately after katrina, where there were no local police and they didn't have any resources whatsoever. i'm talking about ordinary, everyday law enforcement. the feds are not knowledgeable, they're not equipped and they're not legally authorized to do it. jesse jackson should know that. the mayor of chicago is his buddy. the mayor of chicago is the buddy of the president of the united states.
3:51 am
if they need financial assistance, they know how to get it. but there are simply no -- there is no federal police department to put in chicago or any city's streets. >>brian: the president says one of the reasons we need stricter gun laws is because what's happening in chicago but you say they're stricter there than anywhere else. >> is there a coincidence the murder rate is so high? it is almost impossible to get a gun in chicago. >>brian: judge andrew napolitano, thank you so much. straight ahead, did you know there are so many new regulations, you're probably breaking one right now. look at the crackdowns you don't know about. is it your lucky day? billions of unclaimed cash out there and hraurpl hraurpl is going -- and lauren simonetti will show lauren simonetti will show us how to get it.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>>steve: it is your money. there is more than $58 billion of unclaimed money floating around in the united states. that is about 184 bucks per person. is that your money? lauren simonetti joins us live right now. >> good morning. i hope it's your money. >>steve: we're going to give you all of the websites. i looked at one of them. when i lived in virginia, apparently i never got a check from somebody, so i'm going to file a claim to get whatever is owed of me. >> congratulations. and i'm owed nothing. but $58 billion is about $180 per person, like a gift card burning a hole in your pocket. so you've got to find out how to get wrour money. most of it is with
3:56 am that is the website. it's free. click on your state, type in your name and it will tell you what you're owed. it could be anything from the contents of a safe deposit box. remember security deposits when you first rented an apartment. >>steve: a lot of people in a drawer have savings bonds. >> $16 billion in savings bonds. this is key because these things take 30 to 40 years to mature so you forget you have them. click on that website. you might find yourself a lucky winner. >>steve: we're coming up on tax season. a lot of people know what they owe or what they should get in a refund. but there are people who are owed money. look at that, $153 million out there. >> i don't know how people forget they're owed a refund. check it out.
3:57 am
ir >>steve: at the end of the rainbow is a pension. sometime people's have jobs, they forget they have a pension from a previous employer. >> check out the if your company switched ownership, contact the new company as well. you can hire a private company such as mib solutions to do this for you. there are crazy things like property that's unclaimed. let's show you half a million dollars worth of diamonds. this came up in california. this is crazy. someone is the lucky owner of that first object and bottles of liquor. there was a can of sardines i came across according to the california treasury department. it's out there. you've just got to find it. >>steve: if you missed any of those websites, we will have them on in an hour or two.
3:58 am
straight ahead, former president george herbert walker bush seen for the first time since leaving the hospital. the awesome picture at the top of the hour. did you know the administration passed thousands of new regulations? there's a good chance you could be breaking the law right now. details as we roll on live from new york city. you're watching "fox & you're watching "fox & friends." sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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4:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. it is tuesday, february 5, 2013. breaking news happening now because they watched the suspect for days with a hidden camera. they knew just when to storm the bunker and they did save that five-year-old hostage. the sheriff involved in that rescue joins us live moments away. >> brian: new information on the man accused of killing seals
4:02 am
sniper chris kyle. for the first time we're hearing from kyle's heart broken family. >> steve: it's cold outside, but we got gadgets to keep you warm, like thermostat that knows what you like temperature wise and it looks like from the sharper image, a hot seat. i'm in the hot seat right now! >> brian: finally. >> steve: i know it. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> gretchen: we begin with a fox news alert. hostage stand-off in alabama is over. the five-year-old boy who was being held in the bunker now free. laughing and playing. the captor has been shot dead. the sheriff of dale county police department joins us now live with the very latest on this case. good morning to you, sheriff. >> good morning. how are you?
4:03 am
>> gretchen: doing just fine. we came to know your face in the last week as provided updates to this horrible situation. what finally happened to be able to save this young boy? >> lot of things happened. we had a break down in the negotiations and they began to deteriorate. we started having other things to deal with, to try to resolve it safely. >> steve: of course, we know that the jimmy lee dykes fellow who is dead this morning and who shot that bus driver and was holding five-year-old ethan, you said that negotiations broke down. i know that i have heard he had a story to tell. what exactly was his beef? what did he want? >> we were never able to actually find out what his story actually was.
4:04 am
he just continued on. so we knew it was very important to him and very complex. but we were never able to really discover what the story was. >> brian: we just don't understand from the civilian point of view how or both, we're all astounded, how the f.b.i. was successful in the raid 'cause you don't know what you're going to get when you get in. you don't know what you'll see when you get eyes on them. what were you able to ascertain before the actual raid? >> well, we tried to prepare and do the best we could with what we had and -- >> brian: did off camera down there? -- did off camera down there? >> i can't discuss the tactics and everything that we used. we just know that ethan came out safe and that was our mission and mission accomplished. >> gretchen: it's such an amazing story as every day went
4:05 am
by, people were more and more nervous that you would not have this positive outcome. we understand that this was a matter of seconds where they went down there and released the flash bangs. they were able to distract the suspect and then i assume shoot him and grab the child, all happening within what, three, four, five seconds? >> again, i can't really discuss tactics or anything like that with the incident. so, you know, everything worked out well and ethan is home safe. >> brian: can you describe what the officers told you about ethan when they first got him? what was his first reaction and when -- what was his demeanor? >> he was okay, from my understanding when we actually took him to be evaluated by hospital staff. they had him, had given him a
4:06 am
lollipop and he was sucking on that when he come through the door. he's doing well. >> steve: i understand his mother was there at the hospital waiting for the reunion. how is he today? >> he's doing well. he's still being evaluated. we want to make sure he's okay before, you know, he goes home and we want to keep up with him. to maintain that everything is okay. he's been through a lot. he's endured a lot, been through a lot. we want to follow up and stay on top of him, make sure he heals. this will allow to him begin the healing process. his birthday is tomorrow. we wish him a special birthday. >> steve: his best birthday ever. >> gretchen: sheriff, did you know about this suspect? people in the community say he was sort of a known figure who maybe had created some issues in the past. was this somebody on your radar screen? >> well, our office had contact with him and actually arrested
4:07 am
him on december 22. to our knowledge, that's the only real contact we had. i've heard rumors throughout the community this and that, but, you know, as far as me having contact with him, i believe the only contact was the menacing charges. >> steve: joining us from midland city, alabama, sheriff wally olson, thank you for telling us the story of what went down yesterday in the bunker. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: what a relief for that sheriff as well. can you imagine being in charge of that situation? he had the f.b.i.'s help, but wow. for the last week it have a positive outcome, everyone can be relieved. >> steve: i didn't realize tomorrow is his birthday. that's great happy ending. >> brian: are you allowed to build a bunker like that on property? >> steve: yeah, sure. >> brian: don't you have a permit? i have to get a permit to put a shed up. but a secured bunker?
4:08 am
>> steve: it's a rural area. i don't know what the ordinances are there. >> gretchen: that's a good question. if it's on his personal property. but it is a good property, but if he was san francisco supposed to get a permit, he didn't. >> steve: you don't necessarily refer to it as a bunker. it could be a storm cellar, some sort of shelter. don't know. that's going to come out in the next couple days. >> gretchen: let's bring you other headlines. $1.1 billion originally intended for the war in iraq could soon go towards improving security at our embassies now. the senate approved the plan as many questions remain about the terrorist attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya. the bipartisan measure let's the state department use the surplus funds. independent report found syria's security lapses at the consulate. the bill will go to the house. we're hearing from passengers who survived a bus crash in southern california. they say the brakes went out as the bus came down a mount road. some people say it was as much as five minutes out of control. the bus driver yelled for passengers to call 911 right
4:09 am
before they crashed, but no one could get through because they were in a remote area. seven people died. dozens are hurt, including 11-year-old victoria, whose mother did not survive. >> i knew when i wake up that when she ask me, my mom? i have to give a reason my sister, you know. >> gretchen: records do show that the bus company failed more than one third of its federal safety inspections. some cases for brake and tire problems. you could soon bring your gun to church in arkansas. state lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the church protection act. it let's churches decide if licensed gun owners can carry firearms. the governor, a democrat, expected to sign the bill. former president george h.w. bush feeling much better. nation's 41st president with his first public outing since he was reloosed from the hospital. this twitter picture leased from
4:10 am
a reporter of him going out to dinner in houston over the weekend. he was hospitalized in november for a bronchitis-related cough. those are your headlines today. >> steve: we told you the terrible story yesterday about chris kyle who wrote that -- he's a former navy seal who wrote "american sniper". and he another fellow were working with a guy, eddie ray routh, and chad littlefield and chris were working with this guy, marine, reportedly had ptsd. it was all part of kyle's organization called fit go that encouraged vets to cope with it through exercise. then they went to a pistol range over the weekend and the guy, the marine shot both of them, murdered them. >> brian: we understand it's common for ptsd, for them to go back and shoot and do what you're familiar with and go relive. for example, some go back to iraq with ptsd and see it from
4:11 am
the perspective and that might be the best way for them to put it behind them. so chris kyle was asked to help out from someone from thinks own town and he thought this was the best way. they go to this sophisticated high end ranch and end up dead. this guy grabbed chris kyle's truck and on the run. he essentially said at one point to his sister, i essentially exchanged my prison for this truck. so he clearly was not thinking straight and he was out of control in prison. >> gretchen: apparently now the guards are saying that they've had to tase him and actually tie to him a chair, that he's on suicide watch, solitary confinement at this point. >> brian: no confession, by the way. >> gretchen: no confession. now the neighbors are talking about what their memories are about this particular suspect. >> i wouldn't put it past him. he just that evil persona about him. he didn't talk to nobody. he'd give you a dirty look all
4:12 am
the time. he's one of them people that you just don't want to hang out with. >> steve: it's interesting, police at this point still have not confirmed whether or not the murderer, alleged murderer, eddie routh, was suffering from ptsd, but that could be a privacy thing. chris' brother, jeff kyle, released a statement regarding what happened. here he is. >> chris lived by professional motto, our duty to serve those who serve us. and he and chad died honoring this creed. above all else, chris was a unique individual, amazing, loving father, husband, son, brother, friend and devout christian who had a profound effect on the lives of those that he touched. >> brian: sean parnell said yesterday. and by the way, ron paul in the most bizarre tweet ever, tweets this. chris kyle's death seems to
4:13 am
confirm he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. treating ptsd at a firing range doesn't make sense. is there a more inappropriate thing to tweet? inform rand paul disagreed. >> gretchen: very sad story all the way around. coming up, did you know there are so many new regulations you're probably breaking one right now and don't even know it. a look at the crackdowns you don't know about coming up. >> brian: then there was some in the crowd who was enjoying beyonce's performance. the hilarious video of shaq. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
4:14 am
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour. the government has thousands of rules and regulations on the books. some of which you may be breaking right now. they're not designed to protect
4:17 am
you. they're designed to protect your competition. a policy analyst and former director at the women's forum is my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: a lot of these regulations people probably don't even know they're violating right now as we're doing this interview. let's start with the irs. they attempted to regulate who can prepare taxes, but the courts ended up blocking them. what happened here? >> sure. this started in -- you might be surprised to know the irs was involved in another power grab attempt, surprise, surprise. there are between 900,000 and 1.2 million tax preparers in the country. this really affects the mom and pop part-time people. so people in general actually happy with their tax preparers. this is really a solution in search of a problem. the irs wants people to go to school. what this does is it benefits those big firms like h & r block and jackson hewitt and it really
4:18 am
just tries to squeeze out people who want to make a couple bucks on the side. it hurts consumers and restricts consumer choices who then have to go to these big firms and pay more money. >> gretchen: essentially it required people had to go to 15 hours of training per year, et cetera. it was a much bigger burden than what you had to go through before? >> absolutely. and i think the thing that really irritates me is that it's not like tax preparers in general are completely unregulated business. there are civil and criminal penalties that exist. so if someone does taxes incorrectly and breaks the law, they're subject to fines and jail time. in 2001 and 2002, the irs actually only recommended that 162 of those 900 to 1.2 million people be prosecuted. this is a very small problem that they're really trying to expand. >> gretchen: what about if you want to be a tour guide in someplace like dc, what happens?
4:19 am
>> yeah. if you wanted to complain to the irs, i couldn't tell you where to go if you tried to reimburse me for gas. paid tour guides actually need to go and get a license from the district of columbia. they have to, again, fill out all these forms, pay a ton of money to get licensed, and then pass a written test. so this is restricting the kinds of tours -- what if i wanted to give a food tour? i don't need to know anything about the washington monument. this is the dc government stepping? inn and regulating who can talk about stuff. >> gretchen: it even affects how we book. you could be jailed in connecticut if you administer teeth whitener and you're not a dentist? what about when you go home and do it yourself? >> there you go. that's the rub. because it's really -- it's commercial products and so it's anybody who is a nondentist who gives advice on how to administer these products. so there are places at malls or salons where they give you the tray, you put the gel in yourself. it's whatever you would buy at
4:20 am
walgreen's or cvs. >> gretchen: we just pointed out three today. unfortunately, there are 300 gazzilion. thanks thanks. do you and your husband fight over the temperatures in the house? we've got a gadget that will fix all of that for you coming up. i wasn't looking at you, brian. plus, michelle rhee reformed dc schools and she's not done. she says it's time to get radical. her new mission coming up ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief?
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> brian: news by the numbers. first, 21,000 people, that's how many work railroads needed in california alone to meet the enormous work force required under obamacare. next, 17%. that's the boost in profits clorox got last quarter thanks to the flu. the company reported strong sales of disinfectants. finally, $121 billion, that's how much money was wasted sitting in traffic in 2011 and measured in time and fuel, that's $818 per person. don't ask me how i came up with those numbers. i studied in school. >> steve: speak of school, fantastic transition, brian. >> brian: thank you. >> steve: she's an education reformer known for her no nonsense approach during her time as the chancellor of dc schools and she's not done fighting at this point. michelle rhee is now the head of grassroots group called students first. she also has a brand-new book out called "radical." she joins us in the studio.
4:25 am
you radical, you. you wrote this book where you put students first. for the average mom out there watching, she's got some kids in school and she's frustrated because she knows the system is broken. >> that's right. there are so many parents out there who are living life every day and they don't know what to do because they're frustrated with their school system and their kids' school experience. so i wanted to write "radical" to help the parents understand why the system is the way it is what it is and what they should do. >> steve: you were telling me in the break just about, for instance, in los angeles, this seems like a no brainer, some sexual predator was a teacher and yet, what happened? >> so they found all this evidence that this guy was a sexual predator. they couldn't fire the teacher because of the various laws, et cetera, and so a legislator introduced a bill that would have made it easier for school districts to fire sexual predators and the bill not only didn't pass, but didn't even make it out of committee.
4:26 am
this is part of the problem is that people out there are not holding our public officials accountable for making sure that laws and policies that we have in place are looking out for the best interest of kids. >> steve: let's look how our schools are teaching our kids. we've got a map full of red and -- okay, we're going to zoom in to the united states of america. the red states are the failing states, right? >> yeah. so this is actually based on our 50-state report card look at the policy environment of all of our states. basically it shows what we already know. we know ha this country is 14, 17 and 25th in the globe in leading science and math. >> steve: spend about the most money, don't we? >> we absolutely -- >> steve: we should be number one for the number within cash. >> we shouldly should and yet we're not getting the return on investment that we need for our kids. so what we have to do and what we're trying to do through students first is really change those laws and policies. >> steve: one of the things you say is we need highly effective
4:27 am
teachers. they've got plenty of knowledge, but i would imagine once you sit down in the classroom, you got to know how to get it out of your head and into theirs. >> that's right. the research is very clear that the most important factor in school that impacts student achievement letter is the quality of the teacher in front of the students every day. so we have to make sure that every single child is in the classroom with a highly effective teacher every single day. >> steve: you need highly effective parents. you've got to empower the parents. >> that's right. the second thing we advocate is making sure that parents have information and data about the quality of the schools that their kids are in and that they also have choices so that no family ever feels like they're trapped. >> steve: look in new york. they've been talking about school teacher ratings essentially. but the teachers union won't allow it. everybody wants to know whether or not the teach who are is in front of your kid's third grader in the years past is a good teacher and yet the teachers union has made it impossible to
4:28 am
release that information. >> it's crazy because in new york city, the city had to forego $300 million in state and federal aid simply because the teachers union would not agree to an evaluation. >> steve: why don't they bring this up for a vote? if you ask the majority of americans, they would say yeah, we should know whether or not a teacher is effective. if you've got the vast majority versus the teachers union. >> that's right. these are common sense reforms that we're talking about. everyone knows that in your job you have to be evaluated. you have to be evaluated in a pair and transparent way. but we still have to be able to see whether you're adding value in your job. so this a very, very object seeious thing the teachers union and the union needs to come together. >> steve: we love great teachers. it's the couple of bad apples
4:29 am
that give -- >> the vast majority of teachers in this country are heros, they are doing extraordinary things for kids and those teachers should be recognized and rewarded. those teachers, in my opinion, should be paid a whole lot more money. >> steve: that's what you tried to do in dc and the teachers union wouldn't let you! check out her book. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: very good. straight ahead, osama bin laden's compound was demolished. so it wouldn't become a shrine of sorts. now there is word that pakistan wants to build a fun park in its place. are you kidding me? it's true. she's the youngest billionaire ever and she's flipping burgers. her story next [ emale announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine? try our entrees, snacks and new salads. wild salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls,
4:30 am
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4:32 am
4:33 am
>> ahmadinejab said he would like to become the first iranian to go into space and today israel said flight's on us. no problem. [ laughter ] everything is covered. >> steve: he was watching last week and saw you suit up with the monkey. >> brian: right. 'cause we want to do reenact that great moment in iranian history when they sent a monkey against his will into space. >> gretchen: i just want to point out that the state department spokesperson yesterday questioned the idea that the monkey actually ever went up into space.
4:34 am
i had the same question. >> brian: right. because they talked to the monkey. the monkey wouldn't reveal anything that happened. >> gretchen: she actually said the monkey that came back down, the picture, the difference was -- this is her quote, he was miss ago little water. >> brian: whoa. >> steve: i'm glad to know our state department is checking out monkey warts. >> gretchen: because they were probably asked about this ridiculous story. >> steve: listen, i'm like brian. if the iranians say they blasted a chimp into space, why would they lie? >> brian: right. absolutely. i did not know that monkeys eat compound w. very interesting. >> gretchen: road trip for you. maybe you can stop by pakistan when you're over there because now in the location where they captured osama bin laden, this compound where he lived in abad abad, they're going to put in some amusement park, it will take eight years to build. $30 million. the first thing that came to
4:35 am
mind other than weird is, is that going to be the american money that we give them every year and then they jailed the doctor who actually helped give us insider information to capture osama bin laden? >> brian: my hunch is disney is not going to jump on this and say what a great expansion for our franchise. i suppose they're winging it with their own water park. it will be fantastic. >> steve: apparently it would have a wildlife zoo, jogging tracks, water park, rock climbing walls and mini golf. it's just on the edge of the same town. it's not going to be in the same compound right there, but it would be interesting. apparently flee it does well, what they're going to do is actually expand it another 500 acres. they need a good name for the place and i saw time magazine had a couple of suggestions. it's not key to bin laden. but suggestions are bin laden land. jihadi world, al-qaeda adventure city. >> brian: fantastic. it's only adventure park where you fast rope in in the middle of the night. it's also good to have a park
4:36 am
right near a military base. >> steve: the west point of pakistan. >> gretchen: maybe they'll see the amusement park, unlike the compound that osama bin laden was living in for years right under their nose. >> brian: still a mystery. >> gretchen: now other headlines. the accused master mind behind the attack on the uss cole will be in a courtroom at guantanamo bay today. expert also testify how to carry out a mental evaluation on someone who has been tortureed because he was water boarded and threatened in the past. the judge will then order the evaluation to determine if he's competent to stand trial. >> brian: he wasn't tortured. enhanced interrogation. shocking report revealing massive welfare waste in massachusetts. the commissioner of the department of transitional assistance forced to step down. $40 million in food stamp money went to people who were not
4:37 am
eligible for food stamps. also, 47,000 families who got bancos not be accounted for. good luck. >> steve: something the matter with that. a tax on your sneakers could be coming soon to one state. illinois. a state representative there by the name of will davis, pictured there, is pushing for a 25-cent tax on your next pair of sneakers. he hopes the tax will generate $3 million a year for a youth job preparation program. the state retail merchants association says they will fight the sneaker tax. >> gretchen: she is a 30-year-old drag racer who doesn't have a college degree and she's america's youngest billionaire. meet lindsey torres, the president and owner of the $1.1 billion chain, in and out burger. torres inherited the fortune after a series of unfortunate deaths in her family. little is known about her because she refuses all interviews. we do know last year she bought this $17.4 million mansion in
4:38 am
california. it has seven bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. >> steve: in and out burger is my favorite restaurant chain in the west coast. it is fantastic. they got a location in dallas, near one of my kids' colleges. it's fantastic. >> brian: i assume it's quick. >> steve: that's why they call it that. >> brian: let's talk football n. a few hours o'clock baltimore, baltimore will honor the ravens. they've huge parade, the championship comes to town. the team returning. fans camping out. >> oh, my god, i'm so excited. i was like jumping all overt place. >> brian: and i'm sure she'll be jumping today. the parade starts with a free party at the bank stay stadium. -- stadium. listen to their coach. >> we haven't seen this since last night. we thought we lost it. >> brian: you found it and you won it. ravens head coach isn't kidding. the ravens admit someone lost track of the trophy before the
4:39 am
team's party. it was eventually found. and you may have loved beyonce's half time show, but probably not as much as shaquille o'neal. ♪ ♪ >> brian: singing along with beyonce. he had a good seat way up front. i feel fort person sitting behind shaquille o'neal. he is a funny guy. >> steve: it does look like he's crying. >> brian: he became world famous because he did shazam and he also is a rapper himself. >> gretchen: and he played basketball. did he do that himself? it looked like he was doing it himself and posted it. very cool. >> steve: let's go down to maria molina. she joins us now. i know earlier we were talking about how it's national pancake day. it apparently also is national weather person day.
4:40 am
so hats off to you! >> thank you. thank you, everyone. good morning. it's national weather person day. steve, i know you've done your share of work as well with weather. so congratulations to you and everyone that does any observing, forecasting, even behind the scenes. we want to give you your weather forecast. baltimore, we're celebrating that the ravens won the super bowl and we have that parade expected today as we head into about 10:45 a.m., i believe is when it kicks off from city hall. looking at temperatures not too bad, low 40s. relatively dry conditions. there is a slight chance that we could actually see a snow shower swinging through baltimore. that's the story as well throughout areas along the northeast, like new jersey, portions of new york city have been seeing those snow showers and into areas along connecticut. we're not expecting significant snowfall from the system, maybe a coating smear there. watch out for travel as we head out this morning. westbound, parts of wisconsin, michigan, and also illinois dealing with some of that
4:41 am
snowfall from another fast moving clip that are will dump between one to three inches of snow along that area. southbound, we're dealing with the rain across the florida panhandle and southern parts of alabama and also georgia. otherwise temperatures today, not too far away from normal. across the south, warming up, 80 today in san antonio. guys? >> very nice. >> sounds like a good place to be. thanks very much. >> by the way, since it is national weather person's day, if you will like to send her a social greeting, her twitter handle is at fox maria molina. >> brian: and keep it clean. >> steve: please do. >> brian: it would be inappropriate to say anything but something nice to maria on twitter. >> gretchen: what about people that don't? >> brian: what about facebook? what's inappropriate if you're looking for mr. and mrs. right. mr. and miss. >> steve: you're not looking for a married woman. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: especially with valentine's day coming up, a lot of people may be looking for love on the facebook. so here is tips, don't let your
4:42 am
pets take over your profile. for example, with lots of bunnies, there is a cat lady. me and -- or your grammar. me and my cats are going to have a awesome time. >> brian: it will be a turn off. >> steve: yeah, sure. that says a lot about you. also we just saw that shot of shaq where he had taken his device and apparently was singing "halo." don't post a lot of seves. there are some peeve who do this all the time and if you just put me, me, me, me, me on your web site -- >> brian: those are two don'ts. >> gretchen: you know what? that flies in the face of what we've heard before about picking up young ladies or any lady. didn't we used to hear if guys walked in the park with a dog or puppy, that that was a good pick up? >> brian: yeah. that's what i see on television shows. who would ever take a selfy anyway? that's so inappropriate. >> gretchen: that reminds me of
4:43 am
the no shot when you did the jet pack. they had that camera, oh, my gosh. it looked like it was right in your nose. >> brian: right, i looked like jimmy durante for nine minutes. >> gretchen: you did. it's a good thing you have a good sense of humor. >> brian: right. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on the rundown for this tuesday, do you count calories? a lot of people do, but you may want to stop. turns out they're probably wrong. oh, great. >> gretchen: then, do you and your husband fight about the temperature in the house, or a bunch of other stuff? gadgets to fix that one problem coming up next. >> brian: glad you read that, you and your husband [ elevator bell dings ] i hate mondays. yeah, they're the worst.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. ha minutes past the top of the hour. those calorie counts on nutrition labels can be wrong? oh, oh up to 50% of the time. scientists say the way food is prepared and eaten can change the number of calories. they're calling for a new way of calculating them. the current system, did you know it's more than 100 years old. check out these pictures. a whale nearly capsizes a boat off the coast of mexico. the fishing boat heading to shore when a whale decides to make a spectacular jump and lands right on them. amazingly, the boat didn't capsize. no one was hurt. how could that be? look at the boat. it's almost overboard. >> steve: today brings another round of cold air as we just heard from national weather day weather person, maria molina. if you're struggling to stay warm or if you're fighting with your spouse over the temperature, listen up. >> brian: we have some gadgets that will help keep the peace and keep you warm.
4:48 am
>> gretchen: joining us now, senior editor of thrill laden lynch. let's start with the hand warmers. one of the things parents know if they use them for their kids is that you use them once and throw them away. >> that's right. this here is a little metal disk. you can see this. go ahead and give that a little snap. you can pinch it between your fingers. >> brian: then what? >> it will cause a chemical reaction. you stick it inside this fleece sleeve and it immediately warms up. see how warm that gets? >> steve: the amazing thing is they're reusable and they're called? hot chicks! pretty cool. >> if you want to reuse them, put them in boiling water for about 15 minutes and it will recharge the chemicals and you can just keep on going back. >> steve: look at this, right now we're at 77 here in the studio. this is something my wife and i, i like it a little cooler in the house. she likes it a little warmer.
4:49 am
i like it cooler 'cause it's cheap. tell us about the nest. >> this isn't going to solve that problem, per se. but it learns your heating patterns. so as you and your wife continue to go back and battle, it will learn who is going over there and it will adjust the heat during the times of day you usually adjust it. >> steve: at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, it goes up to 85 degrees, then it will know every day at 2:00 o'clock it goes up to 85. >> you slight it up. also has a smart phone app. so your in-laws come and you're out of the house, they jack up the heat, get on your smart phone. >> brian: here we go, socks. >> socks, we got gloves, scarves themes are all from warmer wear. as long as you don't mind your fashion accessory is coming with a battery pack, it's fantastic. >> gretchen: so this glove is heated in the fingertips. it's a great idea. skiing this weekend, it would be fantastic because the socks actually are heated as well. >> that's right. you see these piping lines, this electric line that comes down
4:50 am
and keeps the sole of your foot and up to the toes. >> steve: lightning round over there. >> heated keyboard pad and mouse. a lot of people have the problem where they're in the post office get -- in the office and get cold and hard to type. this actually plugs into the usb port in the back of your computer and warms up your wrist and your mouse. >> gretchen: what about the massage cushion? >> somebody want to sit on this? before you do, let's look here. that's actually a massage heating up for you. >> gretchen: could we get these on the curvy couch? >> this is $200, sharper you can put this on any chair and get one of those nice little sharper image chair massage feels. >> brian: we can find out more on >> yeah. >> brian: thanks so much. good luck. she's no longer on the curvy couch. >> gretchen: i think we should
4:51 am
all try this out. >> steve: straight ahead on this tuesday, are you one of the millions of americans out of work? cheryl casone is here with the top five companies hiring right now. good morning. >> brian: as she knows on this day in history, 1980, "rock with you" by michael jackson was the number one song and still number one with her even today.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> steve: the looming cuts to our defense department could kill more than a million jobs, they estimate, if congress doesn't soon cut a deal. while the federal government might be firing one major defense contractor is hiring.
4:55 am
>> gretchen: the "fox business" network, cheryl casone, has one of her list of five companies hiring right now. she joins us again today. good morning to you. >> time to find the good news in some of the bad, right? great beyond is a defense contractor, but they're focused on technology. that's what we're seeing in growth for many jobs. but they're looking for engineers. they got 100 positions now and 350 college positions. if you're right out of college with an engineering degree, they really want you. systems engineers, electrical engineers, supply chain purchasing, most of these jobs will be on the east coast. i want to make that clear. maryland, massachusetts, virginia, p.a. and florida at this point. and they've got 68,000 world wide positions available -- filled. so it's a huge company. the benefits are good. i always look at the beens. >> steve: absolutely. if you're going to get a job, one with benefits is terrific. now this is a sign of the times. dollar general, the business is booming, probably because the economy is not. so they're hiring. >> you hit it exactly.
4:56 am
dollar general, you get staples there. you can get food, cleaning supplies, you can get a new mop if you need it. and they have done very well in the recession. they've been opening new stores. they'll open up more new stores this year. 6,000 new jobs for 2013. 635 new stores. they're hiring in 40-plus states. most of the country here. wall street split about this company of the depends on the economy. but they are hiring and even hourly jobs come again with benefits. >> steve: paychecks for patriots. >> also have a positive veterans program as well as many of the companies we feature do. >> gretchen: one of the nation's largest and most reputable title lending companies, title max. >> you're seeing a big pick up you obviously in the housing industry. interest rates at 3.2%, it's like free money to buy a house. we're seeing the housing recovery really pick up. 360 nationwide jobs right now. this is title lending, customer service, store managers can make up to 45 grand. general managers, up to 150,000.
4:57 am
>> steve: lightning round, two more. they have great soup and bread. >> i had my ce on, they need bakers, drivers, hourly positions, again includes benefits, you can make up to $90,000. they have a great panera cafe, that gives money to the local community. >> gretchen: northwestern mutual. >> this is financial security, a finance company. people still need help maneuvering to put their 401(k)s, investments. 5500 financial professionals in 2013. this is the biggest hiring spurt for this company. they've been around for 156 years, 2500 jobs. also 3,000 interns. why is this important? almost half of their managers started out in their internship program. almost as good as the fox news internship program. >> steve: folks have more questions about what they just saw or about anything, how do they get ahold of you? >> casonee change. if you've gotten a job or
4:58 am
looking to hire, e-mail me. we'll feature you on the show. i'm working to answer your questions. we'll do questions answered next week. >> steve: that's awesome. >> gretchen: coming up, the president says he knows best when it comes to gun control and says gun owners agree with him. laura ingraham talks to gun owners and she'll have a different take. >> steve: wonder where all your money is going? out your gas pipe, folks. the record breaking numbers next hour, "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us today. it's tuesday, february 5, 2013. he is finally free. a little boy back with his family after spending a week as a hostage underground. this morning how the f.b.i. pulled off that boy's daring rescue. >> steve: meanwhile, the president says he knows best when it comes to gun control and he says gun owners agree with
5:02 am
him. >> we know, for example, from polling that universal background checks are universally supported just about by gun owners. >> steve: is he really on the side of gun owners? laura ingraham says don't fall for it. she's on deck coming up shortly. >> brian: and a former republican presidential candidate comes out of silence with a warning for marco rubio. that gang of eight you're working with, dangerous. what's that about? really? "fox & friends" starts now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. we start with a fox news alert. the hostage drama in alabama finally over. the five-year-old boy who had been locked in that underground bunker with his captor for a week now free. the man who abducted him, dead and we know now how it all went down.
5:03 am
now more from midland city, alabama with details. good morning to you, elizabeth. >> good morning. most importantly, that little boy is spending the eve his sixth birthday with his mother. vigils turned into celebration and the captor is dead. we are hearing from authorities this morning. we just spoke with the sheriff who was telling us they're still investigating the crime scene. more details are coming to light. federal officials have indicated they were able to see inside the bunker. they can have knowledge that the suspect had a gun. f.b.i. official just confirmed via e-mail that he does think dykes was killed by law enforcement. however, f.b.i. officials are processing the crime scene today and review board will release the details about the shooting death of dykes soon. he also said it's very important despite immense interest that the agency does keep some tactics somewhat protected for future incidents. a loud boom was heard here when police stormed the bunker, freeing the boy. they tell us last night they felt like he was in imminent danger. authorities continue to act with an abundance of caution, even
5:04 am
after the incident. last night they continued to sweep the property to check for bombs, while the neighborhood remains evacuated behind me. this while the little boy was taken to a hospital nearby. reports are he's in really good spirits this morning. he has a toy dinosaur he's been playing with. he's laughing, joking, eating. this all on the eve of his sixth birthday. take a listen. >> he's doing well. he's still being evaluated. we want to make sure he's okay before he goes home and we want to keep up with him and to maintain that everything is okay. he's been through a lot. he's endured a lot and been through a lot. we just want to stay on top of him, make sure he heals. this will allow him to begin the healing process. birthday is tomorrow. >> gretchen, we did hear that the community is hosting a big birthday party for ethan at a local football stadium nearby where he can get all of those
5:05 am
cards people have been writing him. gretchen? >> gretchen: elizabeth prann, finally good news in it had story. thanks very much. now the other stories making headlines. the former ma of killing former navy seal chris kyle under guard right now. he tried attack them. learning he was taken to a psychiatric hospital back in september after threatening to kill himself and his family. meantime, chris kyle's brother is emotionally speaking out. >> chris lived by professional motto, it's our duty to serve those who serve us. and he and chad died honoring this creed. above all else, chris was a unique individual, amazing, loving father, husband, son, brother, friend and devout christian who had a profound effect on the lives of those that he touched.
5:06 am
>> gretchen: chris kyle leaves behind a wife and two young children. we're now hearing from passengers who survived that deadly bus crash in southern california. they say the brakes went out as the bus came down that mountain road. the bus driver yelled for passengers to call 911 right before they crashed, but no one could get through because they were in a remote area. seven people died. dozens more are hurt, including 11-year-old victoria, whose mother did not survive. >> i knew she's going to wake up, but what can i tell when she asks me, my mom? i have to give a reason for my sister, you know. >> gretchen: records do show the bus company apparently failed more than one third of its federal safety inspections. some cases for brake and tire problems. the justice department now pointing the finish at standard and poors over the 2008 financial crisis. it's suing the nation's largest credit agency in an unpress
5:07 am
expected lawsuit. the department of justice claims s & p ignored its own standards to give high ratings to north bonds which later tanked and defrauded investors by down playing credit risks. standard and poors says the government is unfairly punishing it for failing to predict the housing meltdown. last week iran bragged about sending that monkey into space. so is the country's president going to be next? ahmadinejab says he's volunteering now to be blasted into space to test his nation's ability to place a human in orbit around the earth. the u.s. and its allies concerned about iran's space program for obvious reasons. they say the same rocket technology could potentially be used to deliver a nuclear war head on a ballistic missile. those are your headlines right now. time to bring in laura ingraham. what do you have to say about that? do you actually believe the monkey went knew space? >> i don't know, but i'm still stuck in the mutual of omaha days. that tells how old i am. i'm thinking of what would per
5:08 am
kins say about that? maybe that was just all staged. i don't know. >> steve: the iranians could do their space shot in the same place we staged our moon shot out at that burbank studio, according to capricorn one. >> we need to send ahmadinejab up there, not the chip. >> brian: we can't figure out about the iranians space program, but let's focus on our gun program. the president talking about the gun lobby and the nra being different from gun owners. let's listen and get to you react. >> we know, for example, from polling that universal background checks are universally supported just about by gun owners. majority of gun owners, overwhelming majority of gun owners think that's a good idea, so if we've got lobbyists in washington claim to go speak for gun owners, saying something different, we need to go to the source and reach out to people directly. >> steve: what do you think about that? is the president right, the
5:09 am
momentum is on his side with the gun owners, they want universal background checks? >> yeah, tell that to every gun store in america that pretty much is seeing iran on ammunition and gun sales. so i understand what the president is doing. he's really good at this political and pr jew jet sue, kind of speaking for gun owners or in tandem with gun owners. that's like me speaking for community organizers. okay? it doesn't really work. and as fort influence issue, forbes did an interesting piece yesterday about who was winning the influence game on the issue of the second amendment and gun rights and so forth. and while the president's right, some of the polls show when they hear background checks, they're like sure, i'm for that. but in the -- when you look at how the movement is turning here, it's really turning more toward the pro-women argument for women to be able to have the type of women that works best for them in their own homes.
5:10 am
and also toward -- i think is a freedom question. if i haven't done anything wrong, i don't have anything in my background, any legal violations, criminal violation, then why should the government start dictating these terms? also remember that gop politicians for the most part have seated this territory to the nra. i think it's kind of surprising that the polls are as good as they are for universal background checks. i would think they would actually be more people saying we should have universal background checks with how little the republicans are doing. >> brian: jarrett loughner passed his background check. adam plan display didn't get one because he took his mom's gun. there is also a sense out of the there that the president of the united states is really going after the wrong set of people. i also find it kind of strange that law enforcement is allowed to get involved in a political argument like this? you have sheriffs, deputies lined up behind him as if they universally support him? we had ray kelly come out and say the problem was hand guns.
5:11 am
he doesn't have a problem with assault weapons. >> again, this is like the obama passing out the white coats to the doctors at the white house. i mean, this is the obama razzle dazzle, get the wallpaper of children behind him, read the letters from sandy hook, get a few cops behind him and say oh, law enforcement is with me. i mean, for every law enforcement officer who agrees with president obama, we'll see him another law enforcement officer and raise him two more. that's meaningless. but it's very good theater and the president seems to always outdo the republicans on the theatrics of all this. >> gretchen: let's get your thoughts on another woman who, ann coulter was on hannity last night and she had some very opinionated views about what she thinks this leads to. >> steve: it's true. >> everything they're telling you about what they could do about gun social security ally. for some reason, wayne la pierre is not saying it, so you have to hear it from me.
5:12 am
universal background checks means background checks. it means universal conification, universal termination. that's how it goes in history. do not fall for universal background checks. >> gretchen: do you agree with her? >> i'm not sure about -- e termination, she's making historical analogy there. but look, the universal registration i think is -- that's a logical step from universal background checks. and look, that's what the second amendment advocates have always been afraid of. i tend to agree with ann on this point. this isn't going to be effective. the idea that adam lanza or the other mass shooters will be stopped by a universal background check, it's ludicrous. these are deranged people and we need to have a broad-based program in this country that looks at the mental health issue and also we have to have a real conversation about family and
5:13 am
how family plays into it and broken families and warning signs that schools and educators should be able to step in and say, look, something doesn't seem right here, without themselves being worried about being sued for saying something. >> gretchen: exactly. >> i think those are real, real problems. but i certainly understand where ann is coming from. >> steve: sure. speaking of conversations, you had a chat yesterday with rick santorum on your radio show and he was taking a shot at marco rubio his immigration gang of eight for republican -- four republicans, four senators. he said that's a dangerous group you're playing with, didn't he? >> yeah. he went on to say, look, he was in the senate for eight years. he had never seen durbin and schumer advocate for a policy that they ultimately thought was going to be good for republicans or good for bipartisanship. so he said look, he respects rubio a lot, much like david vitter said yesterday. but the idea that somehow you're going to get some meaningful enforcement out of a deal with schumer and menendez and durbin,
5:14 am
santorum is probably more lib rap than i am on illegal immigration issue. but he's very wary of a deal with those three and i think with good reason. >> brian: thanks so much. laura ingraham, on the radio. >> fantastic. >> gretchen: it's our top story, five-year-old has been freed. his mad man captor has been killed. how did the whole thing go down? an f.b.i. negotiator joins us with insight you won't hear anywhere else. >> steve: they hit the lotto twice in one day. wait until you hear this couple's awesome story that you can do it i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
5:15 am
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5:17 am
>> brian: coverage of a fox news alert we've been covering. a five-year-old boy pulled from an alabama bunker alive while
5:18 am
his captor dead. here with the reaction on how everything probably went down, a man with 24 years of experience as a hostage negotiator with us right now is chris voss of the f.b.i chris, first off, you believe one of the goals is to get a camera down there, get some eyes on the bunker. how would you do that? >> well, this is a couple of different ways they could do that, brian. they could have tried to run it down through the vent that they were talking through. it could have been something extremely tiny, as small as just a little wire. it's got a camera in it. they could have drilled it in through the outside and slowly made a pinhole entry somewhere in the wall. there is a variety of ways they could have gotten one in. >> brian: when one team is talking and negotiating, another team is working on a raid. correct? >> right. exactly. the tactical people come up with an emergency assault plan within an hour of arrival and then they spend every waking moment after that refining the plan and making it more effective.
5:19 am
>> brian: we do have reports that they did go through the pipe, which is the same way they dropped the medication down and some supplies down. as one team planned the assault, the camera being key, another team continues to talk. when they actually get in, how do you immediately stop the hostage taker from killing the hostage? what do you use? >> well, they use some sort of a distraction device. there has been a lot of discussion of throw ago flash bang into the bunker. they probably didn't do that because the concussion might have been contained contained at have harm the little boy. so they probably did some sort of explosion someplace else, anything to get the hostage taker to flinch, to look another direction, and a split second, literally less than a second is all the time those guys need to get in and get on target and eliminate the threat. >> brian: you got all these three teams, they're all working together. knowing this, he's already killed somebody. and he's a decorated vietnam veteran. you know you're not going to take down a novice.
5:20 am
>> right. that's one of the things that the negotiators, they begin to contribute to the intelligence from the very first moment. they begin to ask him questions. they figure out how he's going to react. they begin to create a profile of what to expect from this guy if they come in. so all three teams worked together pretty well. >> brian: the result is exactly what we wanted. we hope the five-year-old isn't too traumatized that will affect him the rest of his life. chris, thanks so much for breaking it down for us. >> my pleasure. >> brian: chris voss. 18 minutes after the hour. coming up, bubble wrap saved my life. true story. wait 'til you hear that story coming your way. then, you dewpoint need to be famous to have real influence in this world. all you need is cancer? pat williams, the co-founder of the orlando magic talks about how you can stop impressing people and start influencing them with his brand-new book [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. first, $1.1 billion. that's how much money intended for the iraq war could now go to forget our embassies after the terrorist attack in benghazi. the bill passed by the senate now heads to the house. next, 2912 bucks. that's how much you spent average wise, on gas last year. about 4% of the average income and a new record high. finally, 2. that's how many times an arkansas couple won the lottery in one day! one ticket won them $1 million. the other, 50,000. that's a good day. congratulations. >> gretchen: some luck in that family. he has lived an amazing life as
5:25 am
the senior vice president of the orlando magic and a member of the basketball hall of fame. that all changed when doctors broke the news telling pat williams he had cancer. >> brian: usually that would be bad news, but pat says going public with his cancer is one of the best decisions he had made. he's -- he's ever made. his inspiring story in his book called "the difference you can make," joining us. the author of 80 books, i could argue this is your best, welcome back to the couch. >> thank you, brian. good to see all of you and i'm happy to be here in new york. >> brian: you get the word and you're a famous person. you get the word that you have this rare cancer and they say it's not -- you're not going to beat it, but we can treat it. >> that's right. >> brian: word gets out, you have a press conference to tell everybody. and what happens to you after that press conference? >> after that press conference, which was two years ago right now, i was flooded with e-mails and letters and cards and phone calls from people way back in my past. some i really didn't remember or
5:26 am
didn't know. others i did. but in many of those little responses to that announcement, brian, people shared stories. a call i had made or a letter i had sent or something i did, i had no memory really of it, but these people had memories. boy, that was a wake-up call to me. the influence that's having and not really knowing it. but the exciting thing is we all have that influence in our realm of impact and we need to be alert to it. so the meat of this book, i think, really is deliberate influence. actions we say, words we say are leaving a deep imprint. >> steve: i did read that part, but it reminded me of jimmy stewart in "it's a wonderful life." at thend, he gets to take look at all the people whose lives he influenced. like you just mentioned, everybody has influence. everybody watching now can do essentially the same thing. >> you don't have to be co-host of fox friends. you don't have to be joe flacco.
5:27 am
you don't have to be a hollywood starlet. in our own world with our children, with our neighbors, with our little league teams w our youth soccer teams, as coaches, every word we say, every action we take, it doesn't disappear. i can remember everything that every teacher in my high school in wilmington, delaware said to me. good and bad. i remember everything. so we need to be really alert and deliberate. >> gretchen: and cognizant of the influence you're having, small and big. here is some of your advice. be a cheerleader. handwritten notes trump e-mail every time. i try to teach my kids this. i think it's so important. >> thank you notes and the best i've ever seen with that was rich devoss, the co-founder of the amway organization. he and his family owned the magic for over 20 years. riches. i've got four handwritten notes from him framed. he always signs them the same. either proud of you, rich. or, love you, rich.
5:28 am
and that's the billionaire writing little notes to us. it's a powerful thing. >> brian: there is a couple other things. one, you have 19 children. you talk about, for example, michael jordan, you introduced them to michael jordan. what does he do? he leans down and gives your son, who you just adopted, these -- these are the things you got to focus on in life. and it moved this kid like there is no tomorrow. >> yeah, it was something. richie had just come from brazil and basketball is popular. >> steve: we should point out, that's your family. >> i think that's most of them. >> steve: that's not a high school class reunion. that's your family. >> and we were playing the bulls that night and i went a little early and took richie over and said michael, would you just talk to my son and tell him what it takes to be successful? and michael was great. study, too your best in school. and work hard and then he said listen to your father. i'm not sure he did all the time, listen to his father. but that was a moment that
5:29 am
richie off the plane from brazil, he'll never forget that and neither will i. >> brian: you said suppose you take the people in your life and ask yourselves, suppose you have never been born, what influence have you made? if you could ask yourself that question, remove yourself from your family and friends and say, what influence have i had? then put yourself back. and try to get that question to be something positive. >> i think that's true. i think that we all are born and we're placed in circumstances by the lord and we need to take advantage of that. you know, we've got opportunities galore every day. so i'm just encouraging people, you don't have to be a big-time famous celeb. start being a person of impact and influence right now. hopefully this book will give you some guidelines and the stories i think will leave an imprint. >> gretchen: you are a great influence and role model. people should pick this up. it's a handbook, easy to read and easy to carry. pat williams, we always love
5:30 am
having you. >> good to see you. hang in there. >> brian: pat came down and addressed my soccer team when we within to disney and they got notes right back to him and it made a huge impact. >> that was fun night. your team did very well. >> brian: they did. >> steve: are you available for birthday parties? [ laughter ] >> bar mitts have -- mitzvahs. just feed may meal and i'll thereby. >> gretchen: thanks. wonder why you can't get a date for valentine's day? maybe because of pictures like this. the things you need to take off your facebook page right now. >> brian: that's called a selfy. he's a horse with no name until now. bud riser asked to you -- budweiser asked to you name this clydesdale and you did. the winning name revealed hi. hi.
5:31 am
5:32 am
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[ whispering ] that's crazy, the cookie's the best part. crème. cookie. crème. cookie. [ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. [ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. [ whispering ] crème. [ whispering ] cookie. crème! [ fire alarm ringing ] [ whispering ] fire! crème. cookie. crème. cookie. [ whispering ] i'm calling the cops. [ police siren wails, car horn blares ] crème. cookie. [ whispering ] you guys have to stop fighting. we're the cops. [ male announcer ] choose your side on instagram @oreo. >> everybody is trying to figure out what caused the blackout and we got pretty damning evidence, a video. this was taken in the bowels of the stadium. apparently terry bradshaw was down there and he was playing beer pong. show the camera footage.
5:35 am
[ laughter ] >> brian: exhibit a, ladies and gentlemen! that makes perfect sense. >> steve: where did they get that video? >> brian: he's from louisiana and does he like to celebrate. >> gretchen: does he have a great personality, although he dropped a lot of weight. >> brian: i just know this, during the weight loss commercials, the shots are getting tighter and tighter, so i'm not sure. >> gretchen: what are you implying? >> brian: i'm just telling you -- >> gretchen: terry, are you listening to brian? he's implying your weight -- >> brian: i'm just bringing it up. it will be a fox super bowl next year. he probably won't be taking his shirt off. >> steve: the thing about no dome is until it gets dark, it will be light, which would be fine until darkness falls. >> brian: 6:00 o'clock. >> gretchen: it's dark in the winter at 6:00 o'clock.
5:36 am
>> brian: i say bon jovi and billy joel. >> gretchen: i say i'm not going to worry about it right now. >> brian: that's all i think about. >> gretchen: let's talk about the high stakes negotiations, though, about to take place at the white house this morning. at issue, a possible guest worker program to solve our immigration problem. wendell goler is live for us there this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. the president has a couple of meetings today. one with labor and progressive leaders. another with business leaders to talk about immigration reform and how that fits into his broader economic agenda. republicans are calling for tighter border security as a precondition for giving a path to citizenship to the 11 or 12 million people now in this country illegally. they've gotten some senate democrats to sign on to that. the white house hasn't rejected the idea, but officials here are skeptical. yesterday homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured the border in san diego. she stressed the security improvements that have already been made.
5:37 am
>> now we have manpower, factors of twice, thrice, ten times what we had a few years ago. now we have records amount of infrastructure built, including not just single fencing in some of the areas of san diego, but double and triple fencing. >> republicans, many of them, if not most, would rather keep the focus on the economy than talk about immigration reform. they've been criticizing the president for allowing his jobs council charter to expire, just as the unemployment rate ticked up a tenths of a point. john boehner called him out yesterday for missing the deadline for submitting a budget. >> this was supposed to be the day that the president submitted his budget to the congress. but it's not coming. it's going to be late. some reports say that it could be as long as a month late. i think that's too bad. our economy could use some presidential leadership right now. >> jay carney had no defense for missing the budget deadline, but
5:38 am
he said the budget the president proposed the past couple of years have had more public support than the ones the house has passed. speaker boehner noted last year's obama budget got no votes even from democrats in the senate. guys, back to you. >> steve: all right, thank you very much. now other headlines. terrifying moments at a circus. onlookers watched in horror as an american trainer was killed by a bengal tiger. it happened in mexico. the tiger lunged at the man and pinned him to the ground. it's believed the tiger was killed as crews tried to save the trainer. >> gretchen: horrible. pakistan planning to build an amusement park in the city where u.s. forces killed osama bin laden? sky news reports construction will cost nearly $30 million and take about eight years. work set to begin next month. officials say it's all to boost tourism. brian? >> brian: my life was saved by bubble wrap. yep. a construction worker fell
5:39 am
30 feet off a building. he fell 30 feet into a pile of bubble wrap. scaffolding at the construction site is wrapped in it. the worker apparently got stuck in the bubble wrap and did have to be cut up. can you imagine the bang as he hit the ground? >> steve: absolutely. he's lucky. should we wrap you in bubble wrap? >> brian: i don't want to be preserved. >> steve: all right, fine. >> brian: sorry about that. in rehearsal he didn't get up. super dome officials knew there was a chance the power could go out during the super bowl. there was a memo that revealed tests showed electrical feeders were decayed and they were concerned about power failures. we reported that they had a power failure at 2:30 in the afternoon. the nfl says it had back up generators. the entire time and was about to turn it on when the power came back. however, some of the generators automatically kicked in. don't blame beyonce or beyonce fort blockout. her half time show operated on its own power grid and her outfits were powered by her.
5:40 am
it was one of the most powerful ads during the super bowl. remember? ♪ ♪ . >> brian: budweiser didn't stop there. they asked fans tournament baby clydesdale. they got over 50,000 suggestions. guess who won? the name is hope, which was the message of the ad. >> really about the operations that we have here at warm springs ranch in missouri. that's what our team does every day raises baby clydesdales to turn them into budweiser clydesdales. we thought it was a touching and moving spot that showed the quality and care that we put into the horses every day. >> brian: anheuser-busch had 170 clydesdale horses at several facilities around the country. >> steve: all right. right now maria molina is here
5:41 am
on national weather person's day, joins us with the kind of weather the baltimore fans can expect for their big parade later today in baltimore! >> yes, good morning. good news in baltimore. we're not expecting any significant snowfall, just clouds. temperatures not too bad for early february, into the middle to lower 40s out there. so bundle up if you're headed out to see the parade. i believe it starts at 10:45 a.m. eastern time when they're kicking it off from city hall. we have snow further off toward the north across places in connecticut, parts of long island dealing with it. we saw some of thatrk city earl. just snow showers. no significant snowfall accumulations. a clipper system. not a loft moisture. dipped down from can did and swings through portions of the midwest and northeast before exiting. we have another clipper now impacting portions of wisconsin, southeastern portions of minnesota. this could dump between one to three inches of snow across that area. nothing too significant that we're not used to dealing with. further south, we have showers
5:42 am
and storms across portions of the florida panhandle along i-10. if you're headed out to work early this morning, be careful out there along the roadways. southern florida or parts -- the florida panhandle and across portions of the great lakes with that slippery traveling out there with that snowfall. otherwise high temperatures today on the cold side. 27 for your high in minneapolis. 35 in chicago. 33 in new york city. portions of the south, warming up, 80 in san antonio. warm day for you. 73 in new orleans. and 75 in tampa. nice warm day in florida. guys? >> steve: all right. i see many people on twitter are sending you salutes. >> everyone is being so nice. >> steve: at fox maria molina, happy weather forecaster day. you're my favorite forecaster. sorry, roker. >> and it's national pancake day, too. >> brian: i'm surprised we're here today. we should have off. >> steve: the banks are closed. >> brian: that's good, too. we want to be invented. >> gretchen: let's talk about
5:43 am
facebook. we were talking about twitter. what should do you to make yourself dateable on social networking? >> steve: brian, don't pay attention to this. you're not in the dating bits. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: one of the things that the tips they give south not to overshare. for example, some of these people that they said were a little bit too much on the overshare side, i'm taking a bath right now. overshare, get help now is how somebody responded to that particular post. >> steve: also leave personal displays of affection, especially posts from an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, don't put them on-line. for instance, just imagine if you were thinking about dating this person and then you looked on their facebook page and you saw the picture and it said under iter the cops, thanks for coming to see me, smiley face. had a wonderful weekend with you. >> brian: we're really drilling down on this. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: we're really trying to help people. >> steve: we are. >> gretchen: we got this one for you because we -- >> brian: worth repeating, if you're drunk, don't take any
5:44 am
pictures. if they do take pictures, don't post them. >> steve: brian, is that you in the french quarter from this past he weekend down at the super bowl? >> brian: when i had -- yes. when i realized, and button fly stone washed jeans. the shoes were gone. >> gretchen: that's what happened after you interviewed alec baldwin. >> steve: i was at home depot yesterday in patterson, new jersey, and a guy next to me in the checkout counter said, i saw kilmeade. it looked like alec baldwin was going to punch him. >> brian: it's treatment would have been a good story. but his wife had stayed really calm. >> gretchen: she didn't look like she loved you either. coming up, three high profile killings in as many months, all the suspects appear to be mentally ill. the president says guns are the problem. could mental illness be killing america? peter johnson, jr. on that topic next.
5:45 am
>> steve: plus, the safest seat in the car and it's not the seat you want to sit in generally ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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5:48 am
>> steve: fox news alert. the stand-off in that alabama bunker is over. the five-year-old boy named ethan is free and the suspect is dead. authorities believe he was probably mentally ill. is that what's killing america? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live. jimmy lee dykes this morning is dead. he's the guy who took the kid hostage. >> yeah. this has been a pattern. let's look at the people that have been responsible for murder in this country over the last few months. you look at this litany of death around the country and mental illness appears to have played a part in each and every one of these issues. we've got to come to terms with it, steve. we've got to come to terms with it in a way that does service to
5:49 am
the second amendment and our constitutional rights, but at the same time, a reality check. a lot of people who hate guns every time there is a murder involving a mentally ill person saying, let's cut the guns out. let's shut them down as much as we can. >> steve: the president. >> let's shut it down. at the same time, a lot of us who understand the importance of the second amendment say, okay. you know, this can't be prevented. this is a nut. these things happen. that's not a good enough excuse anymore in america. so there needs to be on a national basis, an understanding of what we do, a, to preserve people's rights in terms of lawfully owning firearms, but at the same time, making sure that insane people, people who are disturbed, people who have histories of menacing people in the past as jimmy lee dykes did, people mo who have a history of brandishing firearms, like jimmy lee dykes did, don't get in the
5:50 am
position. by the grace of god, more children were not killed or hurt or other adults were not hurt. but a man gave his life on that bus to prevent mayhem, to prehave not mass murder. so we need to look quickly at the issue of mental illness in america and say, listen, we can do something about it. if you're crazy, you shouldn't have a firearm. i don't think the nra or anybody else believes that or should take any position that leads anyone else to believe that they believe that. >> steve: because you know what? it looks like from what we have heard, the writing was on the wall about this guy. >> ethan's mother said to the police, don't kill this man, he's sick. he had to be killed in the end by the f.b.i they did an incredible job. but we shouldn't be put in this position because we won't deal with the issue of mental illness. we must be begin today. >> steve: peter, thank you. all right, straight ahead, we're going to completely shift gears. if your kid is still in the sack, get them up. sesame street taking over the
5:51 am
show. "fox & friends," they'll be here with us live. let's check in with gregg jarrett for what happens in ten minutes. >> good morning, steve. immigration taking center stage today. we'll talk with a key law maker about what could turn out to be amnesty. plus, a secret government memo has been leaked making the legal case for killing american citizens with drone strikes if they take up arms with the enemy. ambassador bolton will be here and auguriesry murder trial now. the defendant herself takes the witness stand. see you at the top of the hour with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose.
5:52 am
thanks. that's the cold truth!
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5:54 am
>> brian: quick headlines now. a welfare chief forced to step down over -- over shocking report. daniel curly out of a job after a report found $30 million in
5:55 am
food stamp money went to people who were not eligible. 47,000 families who got the benefits, not accounted for. and the safest seat in the car is the one no one wants to sit in. the middle seat in the back. in miff house, in the buick on the station wagon, it was actually a -- an armrest. it's 25% safer than the window seat because it's the farthest away from side impact. >> steve: that makes sense. >> gretchen: that does make sense. all right. sesame street has been entertaining and educating kids for decades. now all their favorite characters are taking their show on the road for sesame street live, elmo super hero. >> steve: because in addition to other things, because today is national weather person day, they're going to sing this song and dedicate it to maria molina. here they are with the theme song "sunny days," elmo, super grover, zoe, telly and abbey kadaby. take it away, guys!
5:56 am
♪ sunny day sleeping the skies away ♪ ♪ on my way to where the air is clean ♪ ♪ can you tell me how to get ♪ how to get to sesame street ♪ come and play ♪ everything is a okay ♪ brand-new neighbors there that's where we meet ♪ ♪ can you tell me how to get ♪ how to get to sesame street ♪ it's a magic carpet ride ♪ as the door opens wide ♪ happy people are beautiful ♪ sunny day sweeping the clouds away ♪ ♪ on my way to where the air is
5:57 am
clean ♪ ♪ can you tell me how to get ♪ how to get to sesame street ♪ how to get to sesame street ♪ how to get to sesame street >> steve: very nice! sesame street live, elmo and super company on tour across the country. very nice. take a bow, everybody! "fox & friends" continues in a minute >> sunny day sweeping the cloud] away ♪ ♪ on absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. three words dad, e-trade financial consultants.
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